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recently featured in Arizona Jewish Life magazine

Morrine Maltzman

Morrine is a mosaic artist with a unique ability to interpret the world through glass and natural elements. She creates art pieces that are original commissions in hospitals, restaurants and private homes and teaches her passion to students through studio and private lessons. She looks for materials from all over the world that can be blended into her art—Czech glass buttons, old rhinestones, millefiore from Italy, rare stained glass, unusual fabrics, and natural bits of color and texture. She loves to use family heirlooms and vintage jewelry, and re-purpose items that have been tucked away in drawers—giving them new and creative lives.


Morrine is a seasoned teacher who enjoys watching her students’ creativity grow—even people who have never before done anything artistic. She delights in watching them joyfully create original mosaics that give them immense pride, which are often displayed in places of honor. Her students return to her because her teaching methodology is so enjoyable and productive.

After decades of creating and teaching mosaic art in Michigan, Morrine now finds new inspiration from her Arizona home. An accomplished pianist, she holds an MA in Music from the University of Michigan and has taught piano for more than 25 years. She is a dog lover, swimmer, hiker and world traveler—always seeking out curiosity shops for treasures to use in her imaginative and distinctive mosaics.

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